"Serving the needs of the government and corporate business traveler, while delivering results to the hotel and travel industry."

Travel Marketers is a Los Angeles, California-based marketing company specializing in advertising and promoting hotels, resorts and extended stay properties.

The company delivers cost-effective marketing to hotel owners and hotel managers looking for business from the two largest and most lucrative categories of business travel: federal and state government employees and corporate travelers.

Through it's Web sites, www.GovTraveler.com and www.CorpRates.com and It's subsidiary, www.Opt-Email.com, TravelMarketers reaches both the government and corporate travel markets. Our 'Per Diem' and 'Biz Traveler' newsletters go out to 100,000 government employees and business travelers every week inviting them to our web sites and our directories of more than 70,000 hotels. Over 140,000 government employees and business travelers browse our site each month! These 2 large markets can book their rooms and make their travel arrangements right on site.

Based in Los Angeles, California and affiliated with leading travel industry vendor and buyer associations, Travel Marketer clients include major hotel groups, leading property management companies and independent hotel properties.


The Internet's Most Complete Directory of Government Per Diem Hotel Properties™

Our popular web site at www.GovTraveler.com and our free weekly newsletter provides federal and state employees with timely and practical travel information and the ability to book their rooms right online. We list more than 70,000 hotels throughout the country, many of whom offer GSA and State Government Per Diem Rates. Our Preferred Property listings promote the best hotels available in their respective markets, and connects government employees with the hotels that offer great rates, popular amenities, convenient locations and services tailored to their needs.


The Preferred Source of Hotel and Extended Stay Corporate Rate Information™

CorpRates is the Internet's best 'point and click' resource for corporate rate, frequent guest and discount programs for the business traveler. Corporate employees traveling on business are the backbone of the hospitality industry, and an especially critical market during these difficult times. Our CorpRates site is designed to make it easy for travel planners and business travelers to quickly & easily find special corporate discounts and point programs offered by the major hotel groups as well as independent properties.

By combining all of the major hotel groups as well as independent and extended stay properties, GovTraveler and CorpRates offers the most comprehensive database of hotels offering Government per diem and corporate rates available. We invite you to review our programs, visit our web sites and contact us for more information.

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