Your partner in the USA!

SkyTiger Global sets up companies wishing to expand into the United States or in need of a U.S. representative.

We can arrange the following services:

* Freight forwarding * Accounting
* Customs * Banking
* Receiving * Employees
* Distribution * Package Redesign
* Transportation * Marketing
* Wholesalers * Web site
* Legal * Sales
* Financial * Media/public relations
* Storage * Presentation material

- everything you need to expand your company into the giant and lucrative U.S. market.

If you don’t wish to establish your firm here in the U.S. we can represent your company, talk to your U.S. customers, negotiate your agreements, collect your payments and act as your U.S. contact. Many U.S. firms are reluctant to deal with foreign companies. They aren’t sure foreign firms understand American ways of doing business, style of communicating, money management and many other details.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest ethical standards. Please know that we will deal with you and your employees, customers and associates with the utmost care, devotion, loyalty and truthfulness.

Some of the types of firms we are interested in doing business with:

* Giftware * Telecommunications
* Houseware * Medical and Health
* Industrial Products * Electronic Components
* Fashion Accessories * Hardware and Garden
* Electrical & Electronics * Stationery and Office Products
* Computers & Related Products * Sports, Fitness and Leisure
* Furniture & Interior Decoration * Cosmetics and Beauty Products
* Communications * Textile, Garments and Wearing Apparel

We can provide you with the assistance and counseling you need to create a financially sound operation for profits, growth and opportunity. Our job is to protect your interests and adhere to your business principles.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with complete details of our devoted services.
Click here to send a detailed email to Steve Bonser, our Vice President in charge of New Inquiries. Please provide us with full particulars of your goals and business objectives. We will carefully review your situation and advise you on the best way to proceed. Rest assured that all correspondence and all business between us is strictly confidential.

Earl Brown, CEO,
SkyTiger Global

Steve Bonser, V.P., New Inquiries

Company contact information:
SkyTiger Global -
3463 State Street, Suite 444
Santa Barbara, CA 93105 USA
Phone: 1+805 - 569 - 2678
Cell: 1+805 - 896 - 1055
Fax: 1+805 - 228 - 4804