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"You cut right to the chase and cleared up everything in one phone call."
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"I tried various forums but all they did was confuse me. Talking to a pro is the only way to go!"

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"Thank you for your excellent assistance and help. It made it so much easier."

~ Michael W., Orlando, FL  

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Welcome to Phone For Advice. Help with your
Clickbank and Pay Dot Com questions.

You can certainly see why Clickbank and Pay Dot Com are so popular - 10,000 merchants use Clickbank's 100,000 affiliates to make more than 20,000 sales a day. There's lots of money to be made - IF you know how! Clickbank recently had its first $ million dollar day! Full story here.

There are three ways to learn how to make money on Clickbank and Pay Dot Com:

  1. Sign up and eventually figure it all out.
  2. Study the information available on various websites, forums, bulletin boards, blogs etc.
  3. Call an expert who can help you start making money right away.

Talking with a professional who has the answers will help you make money quicker and easier. An expert will help you do it right!

Steve Weber Steve Weber is a recognized expert at helping beginning affiliate marketers take advantage of the opportunities PayDotCom has to offer. Steve is a former teacher and enjoys helping new marketers experience success online. He and his wife both "retired" from their education jobs in 1997 and now devote full time to their home Internet businesses. Steve looks forward to hearing from you and helping you build a successful affiliate business using PayDotCom!

Every conversation is completely private, secret and strictly confidential.

Here's how it works:

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  3. I’ll call you at the appointed time. The first 2 minutes are for problem review and are free. If it’s out of my field of expertise I’ll let you know and of course there is no charge. If I can help you, the call costs $3 per minute and we’ll use the clock in the above header to verify the time.
  4. At the end of the call I’ll let you know time and charges.

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