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        Thanks for responding to my post -   “Looking for an Affiliate Marketing pro”

        I have a pay per call marketing company and want to include affiliate sites in my marketing mix.

        Here’s how PPCall works:

          Consumers searching the Internet for products and services see Landing Pages on web sites
        featured throughout various networks. If the consumer is interested in the product or service s/he
        gets on the phone and talks directly to the advertiser.  Advertisers pay for phone calls from new
        customers rather than clicks to their web site.  Phone calls work because buyers want immediate
        answers from knowledgeable salespeople and advertisers are looking for qualified buyers.

          I’ve found that lots of people would rather pick up the phone and get down to business rather
       than fish around the search engines, especially for ‘high-touch’ products and services such as travel
       packages, insurance, auto, health, financial etc. They do their research online then want to talk to someone.

         I’ve been an Internet marketing pro for 12 years, but am looking for an expert in each of the
      marketing channels I want to partner with - ad exchanges, affiliate, co-registration, opt-in email etc.
      I call these partners ‘coordinators’, because they set up and coordinate the relationship between my
      pay per call operation and their vertical market.

          I offer affiliates two different payment options:  1)  a flat rate per call, or b), a shared revenue
      arrangement.  I have a _flawless_ PBX call management system and every affilate site gets its own
      unique toll free number displayed in the landing pages I provide. Each site also gets its own
      password-protected call accounting page to track call activity in real time.

         Creative is vital, and I have a great little design firm that makes up landing pages.  Take a look a
       couple of samples here:

         If you’re a top affiliate professional interested in becoming the affiliate coordinator please respond
       with your background, experience and contact info.  Replies will be held in strict confidence.

      Hope to hear from you soon,

      Best regards,

      Michael Banks
      mbanks at phonecallleads dot com
      v:  805-569-2678