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Following are questions and answers about our services:

  • What exactly do you do?

    We provide pay per call services to ad agencies, advertising networks and mobile marketers who can then feature Pay Per Call as one of their services to their clients.

  • How long have you been doing it?

    We have been producing, tracking, recording, reporting, accounting, analyzing and managing Pay Per Call for 9 years. Clients have included Samsung Electronics, Big Dog Sportswear, Sears Point Raceway, Tradeshows Online, Advanced Computer Communications and many others.

  • How are your calls generated?

    Callers respond to ads and videos they access on their mobile devices.

  • Who produces the creative for these ads or videos?

    You do, or we can for an extra charge. The creative must be configured to fit mobile devices, phone screens and tablets.

  • Can you white label your pay per call service with our name and logo?

    Yes, we can feature your name & logo on everything your client accesses.

  • Can our clients receive calls only during their business hours?

    Yes, calls conform to your client's delivery times.

  • Do calls come directly to our clients?

    Yes, there is no call intercept. Calls are answered by your client.

  • Do our clients require any special equipment or programming?

    No, they simply answer the phone. We provide all other services behind the scenes.

  • Do you record calls?

    Yes. This helps eliminate call fraud and disputes.

  • Can our client increase or decrease call volume?

    Yes. We can increase or decrease volume with 24 hours notice.

  • What sort of conversion rate can our clients expect?

    Depending on your client's product, pricing, and sales people, 30% - 50% is not unusual.

  • Are calls exclusive?

    Yes, every call and all caller info belong to your client exclusively.

  • Some of our clients are new to pay per call. Will you help them with training?

    Yes, we provide a Training Guide that spells out how to handle live prospects on the phone.

  • Do calls come in from overseas callers?

    We can block, target, include or restrict calls from any country, state, area code or calling area.

  • Do any of your calls come from auto-dialers, voice broadcasting or call centers?

    No, all calls are initiated by prospects actually calling on ads.

  • What&s your policy on unqualified or disputed calls?

    Your clients are not billed for dropped calls, hang ups, callbacks and unqualified calls.

  • Who pays for phone charges?

    We pay for everything.

  • How much do calls cost?

    Many variables affect the cost of calls, including type of product, call volume, popularity of specific verticals, client demands, etc.

  • Is there a setup fee?

    No, there is no setup fee.

  • Do you provide all analytics?

    Yes. We analyze and report on key performance indicators such as keyword tracking, packet sniffing, header analysis, abandonment trends and many other extremely sophisticated call metrics. Our goal is to maximize your client's pay per call ROI.

  • Do our client's sign up with you or with us?

    Whichever you prefer. We can be your specialist partner or simply your pay per call resource. Our goal is to provide a dependable service to you by delivering the most qualified, interested prospects possible to your clients.

  • How do we get started?

    We recommend your clients begin with a small, paid test – 50 or so calls per day for a week or so. This will allow them to get comfortable with the process.

Give us a call at 1-800-446-5933. One of our friendly sales reps will be glad to answer any questions and get you started offering Pay Per Call to your clients!

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