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$Pay Per Call Features

Telephone technology is extremely sophisticated these days, providing us with the resources and technology needed to track, analyze, and manage your client's Pay Per Call campaigns.

We take take care of all the details including call procurement & delivery, demographic segmenting, creative consultation, number placement, accounting, management and complete call analytics including motion charts, custom reports, AdWords integration, benchmarking, trend and date sliders, funnel visualization, deep data refinement, call segmentation, e-commerce tracking, site overlay and geo-targeting among many other techniques. It's comprehensive, but it's presented to you and your clients as a simple to read dashboard.

Here are the features included in our Pay Per Call campaigns:
  • Trackable Phone Numbers

    We provide your clients with unique phone numbers synchronized to each of their marketing channels.

  • Search Call Tracking

    We track every query in order to give your clients a clear picture of what callers are responding to or searching for.

  • Keyword Tracking

    Our Keyword Tracking gives a complete picture of every conversion your client&s keywords generate.

  • Data Capture

    We capture the data, (caller ID, calling number, recording, duration, missed calls, time-to-answer, ring-to etc.) from every call.

  • Call Forwarding

    Update your ring-to number anytime and forward calls to alternate numbers such as pagers, cell phones or call centers.

  • Geo-Location

    We can block, restrict, target or include calls from any country, state region or calling area.

  • Spam Call Blocker

    Calling numbers are blocked after the first call to prevent auto dials and call spammers.

  • CRM Integration

    Our data feed communicates seamlessly with your lead management system giving you the information you need to manage your data.

  • Call Recording

    We record every call, maintain copies in your account and email them to you if you wish to review at any time.

  • Virtual Receptionist

    Our hosted auto attendant can automatically greet & route calls based on your business parameters.

  • Unlimited Extensions

    Calls can automatically be routed to multiple extensions.

  • Custom greeting

    Our professional voice talent records your company&s greeting to help callers navigate to the correct forward-to number.

  • Whisper announce

    A ‘whisper announce’ gives your sales agents information about the caller. The caller hears ringing while the whisper announcement is delivered.

  • Smart Routing

    A single number can ring to different offices or extensions based on the caller's area code and phone number.

  • Round Robin

    Calls can route to multiple ring-to numbers sequentially or simultaneously

  • Call Routing

    Calls can route based on office hours, extensions, agents, departments, or nearest store location.

  • Scheduling

    Call routing for lunch, after hours, weekends, holidays etc.

  • Lead Sharing

    Calls can be weighted to forward to various sales reps depending on their experience, specialty, seniority etc.

  • Geo-Location

    Calls routed to multiple store locations, franchises, vanity numbers, area codes or zip codes.

  • IVR menu

    Qualify callers with a series of questions and route them based on their answers.

Our job is to provide you and your clients with the most expert tracking, accounting, analytics and call management available today.

Mobile Pay Per Call - The Future of Marketing