Mobile Pay-Per-Call

$Pay Per Call Benefits

Today's advertisers need to know more than which half of their advertising is wasted. They need to know where, when and how to allocate their ad spend in order to generate top line revenue. With telephone conversion rates often 10x higher than pay-per-click and virtually every consumer walking around with a phone in their pocket, mobile has become THE new channel for high-impact advertising results.

Here are some of the many Pay Per Call advertiser benefits:
  • Prospects call you
  • There is no click fraud
  • Pause ad listings anytime
  • You don't need a web site
  • No hidden or extra charges
  • Credit card payments are safe
  • Calls are during business hours
  • Sales conversions are way higher
  • Buyers obtain late breaking news
  • Risk free - you pay only for results
  • Flawless call tracking and accounting
  • No difficult, expensive online marketing
  • Requirements are low - all you need is a phone
  • Day-parting, call forwarding, call recording, call scheduling,
    geo-targeting & call management is included
Pay Per Call provides the one thing advertisers prize above all else -
Customer Engagement!
Mobile Pay Per Call - The Future of Marketing
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