Introduction: We're a group of entrepreneurs looking to raise $30,000 with a crowdfunding campaign called Message Fun. Our goal is to develop the scrolling message signs that are often seen in store windows into fun, popular communications tools we call Personal Messaging Devices (PMDs). Our team is transforming the classic storefront sign into an exciting, fun electronic communications device, and enriching it with lots of great new features and tons of new uses. One of our main goals is the development of an application that will allow users to program, change or modify their PMD with their IPhone or IPad from anywhere at any time!

Crowdfunding - What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a method entrepreneurs use to attract capital from contributors from all over the world interested in participating in a product, cause or project's development and evolution. Instead of financial equity, contributors receive 'rewards' - a product, video, T shirt, or invitation to a launch party for example. Crowdfunding capitalizes on the accessibility and interest of friends, family, colleagues and special interest groups primarily through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote the new campaign and attract contributors.

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