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Welcome to the ValueLeads Pay Per Call Demo

ValueLeads is a Pay Per Call marketing company providing live prospects, clients and phone calls to ad agencies, advertising networks and marketers who want to offer Pay Per Calls to their clients and advertisers. We can generate thousands of calls per day from mobile marketing networks and provide everything including call generation, delivery, demographic segmenting, creative, number placement, tracking, accounting, management and call analytics.

Here's how our Pay Per Call campaigns work:

  • Prospects see ads on their smartphones that are displayed by our mobile networks.

    Here's a typical ad.
Demo Debt Ad
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Click on this Ad.
It will bring up a landing page.
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You've probably tried tele-marketers, radio, TV, email, Internet, etc. and found that they are difficult, expensive and not very productive. Inbound prospects calling you on the phone are absolutely the best leads of all! Our calls are triple filtered, triple verified and triple qualified!

You don't need to worry about tele-marketers promising the wrong information, you aren't burning out your sales agents chasing down ‘prospects’ and you don't have to worry about your leads being truly exclusive. The prospects are on the phone calling you!

Give us call today or visit our website at and let one of our friendly sales reps tell you how you can get started receiving the best leads of all; live, qualified phone calls!