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Mortgage Violations and Your Rights

Millions of mortgage loans made the past 10 years contain abuses, mistakes, errors, omissions and downright fraud. Mortgage brokers, real estate agents and lenders slapped mortgages together as fast as they could, usually wthout paying much attention to detail and violating lots of state and federal laws. Lenders are now anxious to resolve these problems in order to avoid fines, penalties and potential lawsuits, and can be forced to make significant adjustments when confronted with these violations. Concessions include stopping foreclosure proceedings, reducing the principal balance, slashing the interest rate, cutting monthly payments, and sometimes even forgiving the entire loan.

According to a recent report by the FDIC, 83% of mortgages contain problems, including unexplained fees, false appraisals, mystery charges, non-disclosed APR's, altered loan terms, unsigned disclosures, inflated property values and overstated borrowers' income.

Our attorneys take mortgages apart and identify errors and violations, which they find in almost every case. They then compile a detailed 'forensic audit' detailing these violations which they take to the lender and demand concessions. In almost every case the lender's lawyers make adjustments to the loan.

What kind of concessions do they make?

  • A woman owed $255,000. After a violation was pointed out the loan was reduced to $100,000
  • A woman had a monthly mortgage payment of $2,500. After a violation was discovered the payment was reduced to $875 per month.
  • The lender reduced this man's interest rate from 6.8% to 2.5%
  • A woman got her mortgage loan completely forgiven.

If you're having trouble with your mortgage take a look through our site then sign up for the protection of the law. The lawyers we work with use the leverage of powerful state and federal laws to ensure results.