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The Backbone of Your Business!

For your practice to grow and prosper you need a steady stream of new patients. Let us help you attract patients that
, Stay and Refer!

"My lower back was giving me problems so I called the
1-800-PAIN-GONE ad on TV! I didn't know chiropractic could be so effective!"

"I had nagging pain but didn't know who to call when I saw the 1-800-PAIN-GONE television ads. I called and connected with a local chiropractor who is doing wonderful work for me - I feel great!"



   Isn’t it time someone came up with a professional, dignified way for you to attract new patients and realize the full potential of your practice?

The answer is a definite "YES!"

You're probably familiar with the phenomenal success of marketing programs such as 1-800-DENTIST and 1-800-ATTORNEY. You may have even wondered why there isn't a similar program for chiropractors.

Well, now there is and it works the same way. Colorful television commercials with a toll-free 800 number run day and night and forward calls from new patients to your office.

For a short video introduction by John London, our Marketing Manager press the PLAY button.

From the Practice of Chiropractic
to the Business of Chiropractic!

   For a successful practice you simply can't ignore the importance of marketing! You need a steady stream of new patients to grow and prosper. People in pain don't know who to call - our television marketing campaigns get them to call YOU!

People remember great 800 numbers like our 1-800-PAIN-GONE. Every bit as memorable as 1-800-DENTIST, 1-800-ATTORNEY and other successful numbers, 1-800-PAIN-GONE is featured in TV ads that run right in your market area and attract new patients in droves!

   These television ads get results!


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